Young Voters Election Quiz 2024

Last Date Extended to February 03, 2024

Press Network of Pakistan, is pleased to offer an amazing opportunity to all youngsters, especially students studying in universities, colleges and educational institutions across the country to check and enhance their knowledge about the electoral process in the contest of upcoming General Elections for National Assembly & Provincial Assemblies scheduled on 08th February, 2024.

The Quiz contest is designed by the PNP Election Cell in accordance with the clause (09) of National Media Code of Conduct issued by the Election Commission of Pakistan on 13th October, 2023, which asks national media houses to launch Civic & Voter Education programs throughout the election period to focus marginalized communities, including youth, to maximize voter turnout and ensure their active participation in electoral process.

All the participants showcasing outstanding performance will be awarded with the Certificate of Achievement whereas exciting Prizes shall also be distributed among winners.

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Young Voters Election Quiz 2024

An initiative by Press Network of Pakistan to raise awareness among youngsters about significance of electoral process, democracy and elections to maximize voter turnout and active participation in upcoming General Elections 2024.

Last Date: Extended to 03 February. 2024

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1. Election Commission of Pakistan was formed on _____?

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2. All eligible voters can verify their voter registration status through SMS to _______?

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3. Electoral process is the key instrument in continuation of _______?

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4. The seats in National Assembly allocated to provinces are on the basis of _____?

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5. _________ can make a major contribution to electoral integrity.

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6. Under the Constitution of Pakistan, the Executive Authority of the state is ______?

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7. The basic requirement to join the National Assembly of Pakistan is ______?

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8. Every eligible citizen has right to cast vote _____?

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9. The supreme legislative body of Pakistan is _______?

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10. The maximum number of eligible voters are residents of ______?

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