Press Network of Pakistan (PNP), registered with the Government of Pakistan since January 2011, is an Islamabad-based global newswire service that takes pride in its unbiased news reporting both in English and Urdu languages.

PNP, with a main focus on exclusive interviews, investigative reports and intelligent news analysis on various issues affecting economic, social, cultural and political development of Pakistan and the region, collects information using a network of journalists, writers, contributors and freelance “stringers” and disseminates to TV channels, newspapers and digital media. To continue practicing tough and visionary strategic journalism, PNP engages the best thinkers and intellectual minds on panel.

PNP does not lay claim to providing “spot news” or “breaking news”, but instead to producing well-researched features and reports that give background information, and covering processes rather than events. To reflect the views of common people and citizens, PNP gives prominence to the voices of marginalized and vulnerable people, communities and groups by highlighting their issues related to civil liberties and freedom of expression, fairness and justice, human and women rights, education and health care, etc. PNP disseminates grassroots success stories and inspirational narratives as well as hard-hitting critiques of policies, critical analysis and expert’s opinions.

PNP seeks to enter into news-exchange agreements with foreign news-agencies under which a bouquet of important news is shared with them to project a soft image of Pakistan and showcase the country’s point of view on regional and international affairs as well as to promote the global harmony by introducing the positive values of other nations.

Press Network of Pakistan (PNP) believes that Pakistani media must have a higher purpose beyond the essential goal of keeping people informed and that’s why it places special emphasis on its relationship and engagement with the journalist community as well as to highlight media issues.

PNP also controls Pak PRwire, Pakistan’s 1st and only Press Release distribution network to facilitate corporate houses, institutions, government departments, diplomatic missions, NGOs and individuals.

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